The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About the CFPB's Amendments to Mortgage Servicing Requirements Before October 19th--Expires December 2017 (Member $255/NonMember $510)

Description: The CFPB adopted detailed amendments to the mortgage servicing requirements under Regulation Z (TILA) and Regulation X (RESPA). Most amendments have a compliance deadline of October 19, 2017. This webinar will analyze the top 10 areas that mortgage servicers need to review, analyze, and adjust (if necessary) by that deadline. Topics will include the CFPB’s definition of delinquency, requirements for communicating with delinquent borrowers, handling information requests, and changes to force-placed insurance notices. This training will also address which amendments are not applicable for institutions that qualify for the “small servicer” exemption. Join us to learn about the changes effective October 19, 2017, and how to comply. (Note: The compliance requirements with a deadline of April 19, 2018, will be briefly discussed, but this training will focus on the changes effective October 19, 2017.)

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